Cañadú | Restaurante Vegetariano Malaga

During our road trip through Spain and Portugal, we made a stop in Malaga and discovered this super cool restaurant called Cañadú. Wherever we go, I try to encourage vegan and vegetarian eateries, cafes, diners and restaurants. Located in Plaza de la Merced, Cañadú was one such example.

Berenjena Gratinada Rellena de Champinones y Frutos Secos

This gorgeous entree is the Berenjena Gratinada Rellena de Champinones y Frutos Secos. It consists of an aubergine stuffed with mushrooms, nuts, bechamel sauce and au gratin cheese. It was accompanied with brown rice and tomato sauce. I fancied my dinner to be hot, flavorful, filling and delicious. And Cañadú was just amazing! 


Couscous de Verduras a Los Frutos Secos

Another entree is the Couscous de Verduras a Los Frutos Secos. This dinner specialty consists of couscous served with a gravy base, and topped with pine nuts and vegetables. Simple, yet packed with nutrients, colorful to the eye, and delicious to the palate. Cañadú nails this brilliantly.