India Palace | Ibn Battuta Dubai

With its simple, sometimes shabby appearance, the India Palace may not seem much with regards to first impressions. But this humble eatery in Dubai’s opulent Ibn Battuta Mall serves up the most delicious Indian spreads. Perhaps why the India Palace hasn’t gone out of business in a city filled with fierce competition. 

This is my idea of a typical Indian dinner from the Northern part of the subcontinent:

• Naan: Oven baked flatbread made from refined flour. (I decided to forego white rice this time.)

• Dal Makhani: The staple dal consisting of black lentils cooked in a tandoor oven overnight.

• Banjara Paneer Kofta: Now this was a first time for me, the real winner of the evening. I had never heard of this kofta to be honest, and seeing it only featured in the India Palace. Indian cottage cheese (paneer) and spinach dumplings are cooked in a tomato cashew nut gravy. It was really delicious and I highly recommend everyone to come to the India Palace just to try this. Unique and absolutely fantastic!


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