Asha’s | North Indian Cuisine

Like most Indian restaurants, Asha’s provides you with munchies while you wait for your food. These usually constitute:

  • Roasted papad/ poppadoms: Giant crisps made of rice, lentils and spices.
  • Achaar: Pickles such as mint chutney and mango relish.

Butter Naan

No Indian dining experience is complete without the naan. The Butter Naan is a staple flatbread lathered with (obvious!) butter. Asha’s also offers other breads such as:

  • Roti: Bread made from whole wheat flour, a thinner version of the naan.
  • Roomali: A paper-thin bread made from refined flour. It looks like a folded handkerchief (roomal).
  • Lacha Parantha: A layered flatbread made from refined flour and butter.
  • Stuffed Kulcha: Bread is stuffed with your choice of onions, paneer, cauliflower, potato, chicken and minced lamb.

Aloo Matar Gobi

A typical dish prepared in Indian homes, potatoes, green peas and cauliflower are cooked with cumin, green chilies and spices. I have prepared Aloo Matar Gobi at home myself, but Asha’s converts this humble domestic preparation into its more luxurious avatar. 


Malai Kofta

I treat myself to Kofta when given the opportunity, simply because it’s not something I prepare at home. This hedonistic preparation involves stuffing cottage cheese and vegetable dumplings with almonds and dates, and cooking them in a rich cashew nut gravy. Asha’s captures the sensual flavors of the Malai Kofta perfectly. It was pure heaven for my taste buds!


Gulab Jamun

I started dessert at Asha’s with the Gulab Jamun. The foremost symbol of Indian desserts, the classic Gulab Jamun is loved by all. Cottage cheese dumplings with rabri or sweet milk reduction. It never fails to please.


Pistachio Kesar Kulfi

The secret fantasy on many a hot Indian summer day, kulfis are homemade ice cream consisting of reduced milk, saffron and pistachios. A welcome dessert in Dubai’s heat. And a great way to end my night at Asha’s. 


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