Starbucks in Germany | So Much Better than America

As opposed to the woesome choices for vegetarians and vegans at Starbucks chains in America, the Starbucks stores across Germany offer far more delicious food.

In America, I would have to settle for the standard Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich, which, A. Is not available in all Starbucks branches OR B. Often runs out in the stores that do offer it. There is nothing else for me to eat in terms of a decent meal, unless I want my lunch to constitute just coffee, bagels, cookies and muffins. 

This is what a Starbucks store in Dresden had to offer me for lunch:

  • Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
  • Vegan Falafel Wrap
  • Carrot Cake
  • White Mocha

Now this is what I call as a decent lunch for a vegetarian or vegan! Starbucks America, are you listening? 


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  1. Food in Germany is far more better than in America, regardless if Starbucks, other chains or independant food places.

    As long as Pret A Manger doesn’t get a foothold in Germany as the bullying and discrimination is rampant in Pret, no matter if UK or U.S.

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    1. Agreed! I thought I was in food heaven. Good food in America means paying a fortune. I hate that. That’s why we are having a obesity and heart disease epidemic here.


      1. Absolutely! I lived in FL for 6 years and almost had a heart attack, not from the high in sugar, fatty or salty food, but from the price of 1 (ONE) red pepper!

        I love America and my American friends, but I hate that they are asleep to the reality of being put to sleep with comfort food.

        Thanks for your words 🙂

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          1. Hi, if you edit my words, could you at least delete my whole comment please? I rather have my comment deleted than censored. Would appreciate if you delete. Thanks.


          2. Ooops,I am sooooo sorry!!! I thought you edited my comments, like some bloggers do who leave my comment but delete my link. Apologies!! Really sorry. Thanks for not censoring. Kind regards. Pardon!!

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          3. LOL Totally fine! No problem at all 🙂


          4. Thanks, sorry again, this just happened before with some bloggers who edited out my link. I’d rather have my whole comment deleted or left and not pick and choose my words. So, thanks again for leaving it like this, I appreciate as this is your blog and I am a guest and never take this for granted.

            On another note, I can only encourage everyone if you have a few extra pennies, rather go to independent cafes/restaurants than to the big huge multi-billion dollar chains. Support the small, often family businesses, even if it costs a little more.

            Thanks for reading.


  2. Sheree says:

    I have to confess to NOT being a fan of Starbucks. I find chains like Le Pain Quotidien offer excellent for vegan and vegetarian options wherever in the world you visit.

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    1. You’re absolutely right. Le Pain Quotidien is hands down the better option for decent healthy food compared to Starbucks.


  3. Sheree says:

    In Europe I find individual coutries tend to customise the US chains to make them more relevant. For example, the coffee in Starbucks France is stronger than that in US (and UK).

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    1. Yes…. As a vegetarian too, I find a lot more options in the Starbucks in Europe. And they are yummy too. Did you know you can’t find carrot cake in Starbucks America?? That’s insane! It’s just bagels, cookies and the occasional muffin.

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