5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Vermont

Montpelier State House

Montpelier became the capital of Vermont, when the first State House was built 1808. Ammi Young’s second State House was built in 1838, but it was destroyed in a fire in 1857. The present day State House was built in 1859.  

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

The company was founded in Burlington, Vermont, which till today remains the main headquarters for the brand. But the main factory is located on Stowe Road in Waterbury, on the way to Burlington.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were friends from New York. Both did a correspondence course in ice cream making and ended up renovating an old gas station into an ice cream parlor. Wanting to market their products across the country, they set up the Cowmobile, an ice cream parlor on wheels. However it was completely burned in a fire outside Connecticut. But that served their purpose inadvertently as it brought media attention to their ice cream. So popular did their ice cream become, that they had their first ever free cone day, which till today is an annual celebration.

P.S. The chocolate chip ice cream sample at the end had to be the icing on the cake!

Church Street Historic District

Added in 2010 to the National Register of Historic Places, the Church Street Historic District includes many prominent landmarks. Examples are the Unitarian Church, Masonic Temple and City Hall.

Bill Treux converted this area into a pedestrian mall. It was inspired by Stroget, Copenhagen which was first a traffic choked shopping district and ultimately became a pedestrian mall.  

The Bern Gallery

Watch live glassblowing at this combination glass gallery, which also houses a smoke shop and hookah bar. Nearby is Burlington Harbor. After the show, you can take a stroll at the nearby Waterfront Park or dine at Skinny Pancake.

Lake Champlain

The lake provides drinking water to nearly 250,000 people in Vermont. The Champlain Valley is part of the larger landform system called the Great Appalachian Valley.    

You can also visit Shelburne Farms which is located closeby. Created in 1886 in Vermont as a model sustainable agricultural estate, the 1400 acres are well preserved and a fine example of a Gilded Age ornamental farm.