Masala | Indisches Restaurant Berlin

My husband and I met up with an old friend while traveling through Germany. If you are in Berlin and are looking for some authentic and delicious Indian food, you must visit Masala.

A lot of people do walk-ins, but since Masala is super popular with the locals you might want to make a reservation on Open Table. I decided to anyways as I was in Berlin for only 2 nights and didn’t want to miss out on Indisches essen in Berlin!

This is the elaborate vegetarian spread we feasted on that evening in Masala. There were the staples like white Basmati rice and Butter Naan (flatbread). These were accompanied by:

• Dal Makhani: Originating from the state of Punjab, Dal Makhani includes black lentils, red kidneys, butter and cream. 

• Kadai Paneer: Indian cottage cheese (paneer) and green bell peppers are cooked in a spicy gravy of tomatoes, yoghurt and cream. The name ‘Kadai Paneer’ comes from the special Indian wok, ‘Kadai’, used to cook this dish.

• Malai Kofta: Originally similar to meatballs, vegetarian koftas are highly popular in India. The kofta balls are made from paneer (cottage cheese) and potato, and are served in a rich cashewnut gravy to which malai (cream) is added.

If this doesn’t tempt you to visit Masala, I don’t what know what will! Everything was so mouth-watering and yummy, that I would go back to Berlin in a heartbeat, just so that I could eat at Masala. It is a definite must, especially for anyone in the area!