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Apartments 4 You

Location: Split

Searching for budget hotels in Croatia that are located in the heart of the city and offer free parking can be a huge pain. But Apartments 4 U provided just that, and much much more. In fact, Apartments 4 U was hands down my favorite hotel across my Europe 2018 trip.

Husband and wife owners, Mario and Leona, do a fabulous job of going the extra mile in making their guests comfortable. They continually touch base via Whatsapp, and even arrange for airport pickup and drop-off. Mario actually physically parked in a public spot for us until we arrived with our rental car. Hence, the free parking. ūüôā In addition, he brought fresh cookies baked by Leona to welcome us. How adorable! Plus they were super delicious!

Our studio apartment was immaculate and designed with the latest, modern elements. It had a fully equipped kitchen with a coffee maker, fridge and microwave, air conditioning, built-in cabinets with hangers and shelves, a seating area with a sofa bed and flat-screen TV, as well as a cozy, comfortable bedroom. While there is free WiFi, the signal can be dodgy at times. 

The bathroom is such a retreat. Sparkling clean, with drawers filled with toiletries, glasses, towels and a hair-dryer. This is proper luxury when you are a budget traveler!


Apartments 4 U is a 10 minute walk from the Riva Promenade and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian’s Palace. There are grocery stores, a farmer’s market, restaurants and bars all located at a stone throw’s distance. Besides, Mario and Leona have put out so many brochures, maps and travel guides that it is hard to be at a loss.

I highly recommend Apartments 4 U in Split. While we stayed here for only one night, I could have easily stayed here for a week. The place was so “home away from home”. It is no wonder that it is one of Split’s top rated properties for tourists.

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Jele Rooms

Location: Dubrovnik

While looking for hotels in Croatia, Jele Rooms is a great choice for Dubrovnik. The small stone house is located in the Port of Gru, and is a 20 minute walk to Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town. There are also bus services available throughout the city, and the owners are glad to assist with maps and guides. In addition, there are 2-3 small grocery stores and bakeries in the area.

Most of the residences in the neighborhood have small beautiful gardens and vegetable patches. Jele Rooms was no different, and our Double Room on the ground floor had a wonderful view of it. That of course meant that we had to be wary of mosquitoes at night, but switching on the air conditioner took care of them just fine. 


The room itself was small, but was clean with bright, inviting colors. I especially loved the pink pillows on the bed. Shelves built into the wall have a robust supply of linen and towels. There is also a refrigerator in the common area for keeping your groceries. 

The bathroom was super tiny and everything was a tight fit. There were no toiletries. The water was the perfect temperature but the hand shower kept falling from its holder. So we decided to keep it on the ground to avoid a cracked tile and a cracked head. The bathroom was definitely not my favorite part, but at least it was clean.

Parking in Dubrovnik can be expensive, so Jele Rooms’ free parking was a huge plus for us. We parked our rental car in the garage and explored Dubrovnik’s city walls by foot.

Note: The owners only accept cash on-site. We paid for everything in advance online, so we were able to use credit cards.

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Hostel Moving

Location: Zagreb

Zagreb is one of the top cities featured in searches for hotels in Croatia. I highly recommend Hostel Moving.

Our Standard Double/ Twin Room was super cute in that it brought back memories of my college dormitory life. The beds were clean and comfortable. I loved that the quilts bore the names of Croatia’s famous cities and landmarks. A great way to market the country’s treasures. The bathroom was spacious with built in closets, stand-in shower, toiletries and towels.¬†


Hostel Moving is located in the TreŇ°njevka district,¬† which is very close to the city center. In fact, the hostel lies near the¬†sports hall ‚ÄĚDom sportova‚ÄĚ, the football stadium and the basketball hall ‚ÄĚCibona Tower‚ÄĚ. ¬†Hence, we were relieved that they offered free parking in their private garage. Why pay for street parking, when your legs can take you places?

There are two kitchenettes and breakfast provided for a fee. But we thought why bother when there are so many great places to eat in the city. Besides, there is a neat pizza place called Karijola Pizzeria, situated just 5 minutes away from the hotel. A great way to conclude an entire day of walking! 

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