Kamana Kitchen | Indian Food in Hawaii

Location: Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

After all that walking in Kailua-Kona, nothing tastes as heavenly as a good Indian thali. Kamana Kitchen is a simple, unassuming restaurant, but the food is authentic, full of flavor, and reminded me of home. From the mouth watering curries and hot naan breads to the traditional steel plates, Kamana Kitchen is great for experiencing an Indian food trip.

Remember to come hungry to Kamana Kitchen! Indian food is highly addicting and once you start eating, you cannot stop. And a thali is definitely not for those of small appetite or on a diet. Though traditional thalis are much bigger and come with a wide assortment of dishes, Kamana Kitchen’s thali was nonetheless quite filling.

Kamana Kitchen caters to both carnivores and vegetarians. I went with the vegetarian lunch thali which included:

White Basmati Rice: Standard rice that accompanies Indian meals.

Rotis: Breads made of white wheat flour baked in a clay oven.

Yellow Dal Fry: A blend of pressure-cooked lentils and spices simmered in butter.

Aloo Rajma ki Sabzi: Potatoes cooked with Red Kidney Beans.

Matar Paneer: Green Peas cooked with spices and herbs, is mixed with homemade cottage cheese (paneer) and served in a creamy sauce.

Chutney: Sauces made of condiments and spices, that can taste spicy, sour or sweet depending on the ingredients. 

Chopped Salad: Consisted of Onions, Lettuce, Cucumbers and Tomatoes.


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