Mini Tiffin | Aryaas Restaurant

Whenever I desire a good, simple and cheap South Indian tiffin, I head over to Aryaas in Karama. While the area may seem a far cry from Dubai’s glistening skyscrapers, Aryaas’ Mini Tiffin always draws me for my lunchtime cravings. 

Traditionally, tiffin refers to a light breakfast in South India. Over the course of the British rule in India, tiffin came to symbolize a light meal during the afternoon tea. Today, tiffin is synonymous with luncheons as well as packed school and work lunchboxes. 

Seen featured here on my plate:

  • Mini Idlis: Steamed rice cakes made of fermented black lentils and rice.
  • Mini Dosa: A type of crepe made of fermented rice and black gram.
  • Vada (hidden under Dosa): A kind of fried doughnut made of legumes.
  • Rava Upma: A thick porridge made of vegetables and dry roasted semolina.
  • Saffron Sooji: A sweet made of semolina and ghee (clarified butter).
  • Three Chutneys: Tomato, Coriander and Coconut.
  • Sambar (2 cups): Lentil based vegetable stew in a tamarind broth


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