Puri Bhaji | Aryaas Restaurant

The darling of the Indian gastronomic scene, Puri Bhaji can be eaten at any time of the day. Many prefer to start the day with Puri Bhaji, while others eat it at lunch time. Still many others look to it as a favored street snack. The reason behind its popularity? Puri Bhaji is great for three reasons: vegetarian, cheap and delicious.

Puri Bhaji consists of two parts: 

  • Puri: Flour rounds deep-fried in ghee or oil
  • Bhaji: Mashed potatoes which can be prepared dry or in a spicy gravy

There are variations to the Puri Bhaji between the northern and southern parts of India. In the north, Puri Bhaji may be served with chole (spicy chick peas), dahi (yoghurt) and halwa (sweet made of semolina). 

My favorite is the southern version of Puri Bhaji (pictured below), which I love eating at Aryaas Restaurant. The mashed potatoes is milder with a lovely hint of lemon juice. Then of course, is the iconic sambar (lentil based vegetable stew) and fresh aromatic chutneys. It’s the staple three chutneys: coconut, tomato and coriander. P.S. I kept the cute chutney holder all to myself. 

So…. who fancies some Puri Bhaji?  😛😛😛

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