Turkish Tea & Where to Find It

Fun fact: Turkey ranks as one of the world’s largest exporters of tea. In 2004, Turkey had the highest per capita tea consumption in the world, nearly 2.5kg per individual.

For tea lovers across the world including Dubai, Turkish tea is particularly enticing for its sweet flavors. Traditionally, Turkish tea is black and is prepared using two stacked kettles known as “çaydanlık”. Water is brought to boiling point in the larger lower kettle. Some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top where several spoons of tea leaves are introduced. This gives Turkish tea its characteristic strong taste.

While serving, the remaining water is used to dilute the tea according to the individual’s taste. Turkish tea is served hot in small glasses. Unlike Indian tea or “karak chai”, Turkish tea is usually not taken with milk.

With Turkish cuisine becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, you can find amazing Turkish tea at:

Looking for more places to savor Turkish tea?

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Note: Seen featured below is a traditional Turkish tea seller.

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