London Dairy Bistro

Cobb Salad

This beautiful salad from London Dairy consists of Romaine lettuce, baby leaf greens, avocado, tomatoes, red onion, carrots, roasted pistachios and grana padano cheese. Super filling and super nutritious, the Cobb Salad is great for a light dinner.

P.S. The salad comes served with a Caesar dressing, but I almost always prefer eating my salads without the dressing.

Steakhouse Fries

No bistro is complete without the house fries, and London Dairy is no different. Freshly prepared, these steakhouse fries with a dash of ketchup makes for a great finger food when dining with friends on a casual night out together.

Avocado Toast

This yummy breakfast toast is perfect for lactovegetarians and one of my favorites at London Dairy Bistro. It comes with a Mexican avocado spread, lime zest, smoked paprika, greens and Datterino tomatoes.

Note: Datterino tomatoes are smaller in size and elongated in shape in comparison to regular tomatoes. They are prized for their fleshy texture and sweet taste.

Margherita Pizza

This Italian classic from London Dairy is great on rainy winter nights. The exhilarating feeling of hot cheese melting in your mouth makes it all worth the calories and guilty conscience.

P.S. I love adding red pepper flakes on my Margherita Pizza to give an extra spicy kick to the taste buds!

Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Freshly oven-cooked and served piping hot, this Grilled Vegetable Pizza from London Dairy is packed to fill any ravenous appetite. Toppings featured include zucchini, capsicum, eggplant, onion and mozzarella cheese.

P.S. The pizza comes with mushrooms, but we had them removed because of allergies.

Pistachio Milk Cake

I absolutely love pistachios and nothing is more awesome than a Pistachio Milk Cake. This super moist cake from London Dairy with a wonderful creamy pistachio flavor is a light and delicious dessert. Digging the green milk sauce and chopped pistachios!

Kunafa Sundae

My first time trying this twist on a sundae from London Dairy. Traditionally, Kunafa is a Middle Eastern dessert that is a soft, ultra-thin, vermicelli-like pastry that comes soaked in a sugar syrup and layered with cheese.

Infusing the local flavor, the Kunafa Sundae is rich just like its Arab inspiration, and is garnished with vermicelli strands, chopped pistachios (YES!) and sugar syrup. I am now in love with this and will never go for any other sundae ever!

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