Top UAE Apps to Combat COVID-19

Want to use the smartest applications to secure and protect you and your loved ones? Scroll down to learn more about the top UAE apps to combat COVID-19:

Contact Tracing Apps

Telemedicine Apps

Consumer Service Apps



  • Website:
  • TraceCovid is a contact tracing smartphone app
  • Developed by the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH)
  • The TraceCovid app is free
  • Available on Android and iOS devices, in both Arabic and English
  • The TraceCovid app identifies people who may have come in contact with an infected person. This helps authorities to trace the person and provide the necessary medical care.
  • When you download the TraceCovid app, your mobile number will be verified via an OTP (one-time password) from Weqaya, managed by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA)
  • The TraceCovid app has to be connected to Bluetooth to function. Once you are outside, the Bluetooth will identify other smartphones using the TraceCovid app.
  • An encrypted Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) is exchanged and stored on the phone
  • Once someone is found to be infected with COVID-19, authorities will request the details of the STI list

Al Hosn

  • Website:
  • Named after Abu Dhabi’s historic fortress
  • Developed by the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHAP), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) in collaboration with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA)
  • Available on Android and iOS devices, in both Arabic and English
  • Al Hosn is adapted from the Stay Home app and TraceCovid app
  • Users require their Emirates ID and mobile number to authenticate the Al Hosn app via OTP (one-time password)
  • Every user has a unique QR code
  • The app uses Bluetooth signals to identify other smartphones using the same app. This helps authorities to trace people who may have come in contact with an infected person.
  • Medical results are delivered directly to your phone. Al Hosn uses color codes to indicate an individual’s health status:
    • Grey: Pending
    • Green: Negative
    • Red: Positive
    • Orange: For Retest


Remote Care

  • Website:
  • Remote Healthcare is a smart application developed to provide UAE residents with safe access to information, guidelines and preliminary diagnostic services from the comfort of their homes
  • Developed by the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) in collaboration with Injazat Data Systems (subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company)
  • Available on Android and iOS devices, in both Arabic and English
  • Provides crucial support to:
    • Elderly people
    • Individuals with chronic conditions
    • Individuals who need medical prescriptions
    • COVID-19 infected individuals in home isolation who need supplies and monitoring
  • Features include:
    • Examination of symptoms
    • Diagnosing non-emergency situations
    • Booking and managing appointments
    • Remote consultations with doctors through text messages, voice calls or video calls
    • Request for medical prescriptions
    • Logistics services


  • Website:
  • ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’ initiative developed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in response to COVID-19
  • Free 24/7 consultation for Dubai residents
  • Telehealth platform is used for:
    • Communicating with DHA practitioners and consultants through voice calls and video calls
    • Viewing medical records
    • Requesting lab and radiology tests
    • Issuing electronic prescriptions
  • Process:
    • Download the DHA mobile app and sign up
    • You need a valid DHA health card to use this service
    • Book or manage telemedicine appointments by calling DHA toll-free number 800 342


  • Website:
  • Search doctors across 140 specialties and 1600+ clinics and hospitals all over the UAE
  • View up-to-date and verified profiles of practitioners
  • Users can search doctors by
    • Specialty
    • Spoken Language
    • Gender
    • Location
    • Availability
    • Insurance Network
  • Book and manage appointments in real-time

Al Futtaim HealthHub

  • Website:
  • Launched Telehealth services in response to COVID-19
  • Primarily for non-crisis, chronic and non-emergency care
  • Services include:
    • Blue Collar Initiative which has screened over 50,000 workers for COVID-19
    • Consultations with primary care providers (PCP) and health care providers
    • Booking and managing appointments
    • Issuing electronic prescriptions
    • Delivery of medications via HealthHub Pharmacy
    • Online self-assessment tool for COVID-19
  • Toll Free number: 800 2344
  • You can reach a medical professional for COVID-19 related enquiries through their helpline 04 260 8777
    • Open 8am till midnight

Aster eConsult

  • Website:
  • The latest app developed by Aster DM Healthcare
  • Launched a free tele-consultation service across its Medcare, Aster Hospital and Aster Clinic facilities in the UAE
  • Primarily for non-crisis, general care
  • Will be a paid service in the long-term with access to a wider range of medical services
  • One of the first telehealth initiatives in the UAE, it can be used for:
    • Consulting with primary care providers (PCP), general practitioners and pediatricians via video call
    • Booking and managing appointments
    • Issuing electronic prescriptions
    • Lab at Home services
  • Whatsapp number 800 700 600:
    • Home delivery service for medications and other pharmacy products
    • Speaking to a pharmacist
    • Filling out prescriptions electronically
  • You can reach a medical professional for COVID-19 related enquiries through the Aster call center 04 440 0500
  • Visitors stuck in the UAE with no local health insurance can get their medicines at Aster Pharmacy:
    • Visitors need the following documents:
      • Proof of Identity
      • Visit Visa
      • Prescription from a licensed medical practitioner:
        • If prescription is from outside the UAE, alternative medicines will be provided
        • Exceptions can be made for those suffering from a chronic condition, where a refill can be purchased by showing old prescriptions or packaging
        • Children under the age of 16 cannot be given medication without a prescription
    • All medicines will be offered at cost price

Health at Hand

  • Website:
  • Powers the telemedicine services of medical instituitions like Mediclinic and Allianz Care
  • Primarily for non-emergency, general care
  • Services include:
    • Video consultations with doctors
    • Complete access to consultation history and doctor’s reports
    • Flexible payment plans include:
      • AED 7 per month per member for an annual family subscription
      • Pay-as-you-go AED 100 per video consultation
    • Special Initiatives & Programs:
  • Opening Hours:
    • Saturday to Thursday: 6am to 10pm GST
    • Friday: 9am to 6pm GST


Life Pharmacy

  • Website:
  • Medications will be delivered to your home
  • You can also browse by the name of the brand
  • Categories for delivery:
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Beauty Care
    • Mother & Baby
    • Nutrition & Vitamins
    • Home Health Care
    • Personal Care
    • Preventative Care
  • You can electronically fill out your prescriptions:
    • Send a picture of the prescription and a copy of your insurance policy
  • Request your prescription to be sent to your home:
    • Send a picture of your doctor’s note and a copy of your insurance policy

Insta Shop

  • Website:
  • Groceries will be delivered to your home between 30 to 60 minutes
  • Categories for delivery:
    • Supermarkets
    • Pharmacies
    • Pet Shops
    • Butchery & BBQ
    • Organic shops
    • Fresh Produce Market
    • Water
    • Flower Shops
  • Real-time information on out-of-stock goods
  • Choose the shop closest to your location and with the shortest delivery time
  • Payment options include credit card, or cash on delivery


  • Website:
  • 24/7 on-demand car fuel delivery service
  • The entire process is contactless
  • Cafu will fill your car with fuel at any location outdoors, not just home and work
  • The price of fuel per litre is the same as your local fuel station
  • CAFU only charges a small delivery fee in addition to the fuel price
  • You can choose between:
    • On-demand service with a delivery fee per order
    • Subscription package with unlimited deliveries per month
  • Process:
    • Download the CAFU app
    • Sign up and register your vehicle
    • Make an order
    • Park your vehicle outdoors

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