Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (dfwac)


The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is the first licensed nonprofit organization in the UAE created to provide protection and support to victims of violence. Established in 2007, the foundation addresses three main crimes:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking

Women trying to escape human trafficking are usually referred by the CID or special committees to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. Their stay can last up to eight months in the foundation depending on the duration of the investigation.

Domestic violence is not tolerated by the local authorities. For a woman who feels trapped in an abusive marriage, a few examples of domestic violence are:

  • The woman experiences physical, verbal and psychological threats from her husband, such as starvation, beatings, drunken fights, etc.
  • The husband always/ occassionally locks the woman in the home.
  • The husband does not allow the woman to speak or to meet her friends and family members.
  • The husband controls the woman financially, sometimes not allowing her to carry cash or credit card.
  • The husband abuses the children by neglecting their needs, beating them, making sexual advances, etc.
  • The woman has been physically thrown out of her home by her husband.

Women who are suffering from domestic violence should contact the Dubai Police by dialling 999. The Dubai Police works 24/7 and their Women and Children Protection Department has helped many women over the years. Together with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, women are offered temporary housing, case assessment, counseling and legal help.

Women can also approach the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children directly by calling their free helpline service (800111). For more information on admissions criteria, care and rehabilitation services, visit

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