Government Social Initiatives


Emirates Foundation

Launched by the Government of Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Foundation has many social programs addressing the welfare of the UAE population. The initiatives include:

TAKATOF Encourages youth to enroll in public service by connecting them to relevant volunteer opportunities.
SANID It is the National Emergency Response Volunteer Program of the UAE. Emergency volunteers are certified in cooperation with NCEMA to respond to the national call of duty during crises, calamities and emergencies.
THINK SCIENCE Aimed at developing scientific talent in the fields of science, technology and innovation (STI). Target age group is 15-35 years.
** Upcoming: April 2020 is the Think Science World Fair **
ESREF SAH The Financial Literacy Program for youth that includes workshops, bank training, personal finance coaching and mentoring.
KAFA’AT Inspiring young Emiratis to become entrepreneurs.
DAWAMEEThe first national online job portal for unemployed youth from low-income families and living in remote areas. Target age group is 18-35 years.

Sandooq Al Watan

This National Fund was established in 2016 by a group of Emirati businessmen to invest in the human potential of future Emirati generations. Its goals include:

  • Provide career guidance to Emirati students
  • Support university research projects
  • Summer and winter courses for work training
  • Teach entrepreneurial and business skills


Blood and Organ Donation

Anyone in the UAE, regardless of their nationality, can become a donor or recipient of a blood and organ during transplant surgery.

MoHAP Special Projects & Initiatives

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has special public service campaigns which address prominent issues in the UAE. They include:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • People of Determination
  • Senior Residents
  • Smart Medical Systems & Artificial Intelligence


We Are All Police initiative

The Abu Dhabi Police launched this initiative to train residents and citizens to become community police officers. Members are taught skills such as first aid, crisis management, community diversity, problem solving and event organization.

Priority Service for People with Determination and People Suffering from Critical Illness

  • Register for this service on the Dubai Police Website
  • You will be asked for details such as:
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Nationality
    • Mobile Number
    • Street Name and Number
    • Villa Number
    • Floor Number
    • Land Number (10-digit Makani number of your building)
  • This service is available for:
    • Individuals with critical health problems
    • Individuals with heart conditions
    • Individuals with physical disabilites
    • Individuals with hearing impairments
    • Individuals with visual/sight impairments
  • Such individuals will be given high priority for rapid response and receiving aid


Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is the first licensed nonprofit organization in the UAE created to provide protection and support to victims of violence.

Hemayati | Child Abuse App

Literally meaning “Protect Me”, the Hemayati child protection app helps children to send alerts to their parents when they are in danger. More than 20,000 residents have used the smart mobile app since January 2018.


Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA)

All volunteers, employers and charitable organizations have to register at the Volunteering Center of the Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA) before initiating or participating in either government or private volunteer programs. The objectives of the CDA include:

  • Creating a registry of volunteers in Dubai committed to developing social cohesion and harmony.
  • Developing charitable and humanitarian projects on a local, national and international level.
  • Preventing identity scams and money fraud in the name of charity.


Initiated by the Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, ENGAGE Dubai promotes corporate responsibility toward community development through proactive employee engagement.  

National Volunteer Program for Emergencies, Crises & Disasters

Launched by the National Emergency Crises Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), this program trains volunteers to respond to national emergencies or natural calamities. Any legal resident of the United Arab Emirates can enroll in this program. **program still developing**

Further Reading

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