Spill the Bean

Ever since I discovered I have PCOS, it has been a journey of continual understanding of my body and what it needs for nourishment. The last few years have seen me experience bouts of lactose intolerance. Over the last five months, I have switched to a predominantly vegan diet which has done wonders to my health.

Now, given my love of cooking, a vegan diet is not a problem at home. However, dining outside is a whole another story. Where will I find vegan food that is diverse, delicious and affordable? And this is where Spill the Bean is a life savior for me. That is why I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Vegan or not. PCOS or not.

There is a variety of vegan and vegetarian salads, sandwiches, pancakes, bagels and breakfast items on offer at Spill the Bean. In addition, there are plenty of gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan desserts too. Here are some of my favorite picks from the menu.

Vegan Coffee

I was never much of a coffee or tea drinker. Not really into caffeinated beverages in general. But Alex introduced me to his version of Vegan Coffee at Spill the Bean, and I am now a big fan! It is a Chocolate Mocha made from oats milk. I prefer the coffee decaffeinated and with no expresso shots, though you can opt for it if you like.

Beyond Burger

Now I have been forever on the quest for a great tasting vegan/vegetarian burger in Dubai. But I had to content myself with what McDonald’s had to offer. And I was getting pretty bored.

I am going to be going on a burger rampage! Thank you Spill the Bean and Chef Joseph for this awesome burger. Super delicious and a complete vegan saviour. I highly recommend the Beyond Burger for all ravenous burger fans out there.

The Beyond Burger consists of a freshly baked potato bun, vegan patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and oven baked fries. You can also customize this burger by playing around with the ingredients and presentation. For example, instead of lathering the patty with ketchup and yellow mustard, I had them both served on the side.

Low Fat Halloumi on Rye

Have you ever had Halloumi cheese? And is there anything possibly more divine than a combination of halloumi cheese and fresh pesto sauce? Is there???

This great rye bread sandwich at Spill the Bean comes served with halloumi cheese, homemade pesto, olives, rocca, tomatoes and cucumbers. Mind you, this sandwich is pretty filling. You may want to share.

Olive and Sundried Tomato Grilled Three Cheese Toastie

I agree that I have lactose intolerance. But hey, I just can’t say no to this amazing toastie from Spill the Bean! The brown toast comes with three cheeses: Halloumi, Emmenthal and Mozzarella. Could you say no to this?

I try to play it safe by sharing this with my Mom, so that I can enjoy a bite of this deliciousness without overtaxing my stomach.

Chocolate Brownies

It has been ages since I ate brownies, and this is my first time trying vegan brownies. These lovelies from Spill the Bean are really luxurious and are super filling. I could hardly finish one! They are also raw, sugar-free and gluten-free, which makes them awesome for a PCOS diet.

Banana Almond Cake

Banana is actually one of my desired flavours in desserts, especially in cakes and cupcakes. And almonds happen to be my favorite toppings. In addition, this cake, like many other desserts at Spill the Bean, is completely sugar-free and gluten-free. It’s not vegan, but is still a great alternative to regular desserts for me. P.S. That’s honey drizzled on the top! 🙂

Whole Wheat French Almond Loaf

So my Mom is addicted to whipped cream. And she found this banana almond cake at Spill the Bean as the ideal post-dinner sweet tooth satisfaction. Super light and delicately prepared without overwhelming the sugar cravings, I treat myself to a slice too every now and then.

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