The S Hotel | Dubai Science Park

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

To be honest, I had never heard about the S Hotel. When I was looking for places in the Arjan and Al Barsha South region, I accidentally came across this hotel in Dubai Science Park. It had great reviews and was ideal for both families and business savvy travelers. So I thought why not? 

And what a stay it was! Great room. Great food. Great staff. I highly recommend it to staycationers, business travelers and tourists. Here is my detailed review of my stay at the S Hotel:


The One Bedroom Suite at the S Hotel came with free daily housekeeping services with toiletries, towels, bedsheets and beverages. There is a kettle and fridge. Free maintenance is included that covers appliances, electrical and plumbing. 

The bathrooms do not come with a clothesline. However, there is a metal rung, where you can wash and hang your intimates. 

The sound proofing is pretty reasonable. It is a relief that Dubai Science Park is a relatively construction-free area. Otherwise being woken up by power drills can be a mood-killer for visitors. The only sound I ever heard was the occasional showering or toilet flush in the far left corner of the bedroom. Probably from the neighbor’s or from above. 

The suite also had a fantastic view of the Dubai skyline, which is especially a beauty to view at night. But owing to safety measures, the windows cannot be propped open. No rooms or suites at the S Hotel come with balconies either.


The housekeeping team at the S Hotel was very efficient, hygienic and punctual. Once you fix a time to have the room cleaned, they show up at the same time every day. The guys do a thorough job of cleaning the room, from wiping the countertops and bathtubs, to vacuuming and spraying air freshener. Never had any problems with foul carpet odor, funky AC air, or other problems that you commonly run into in many other hotels. 

Laundry was again very efficient. They will pick up your clothes and have them ready for you by next morning. Washed, ironed, on hangers and covered in plastic. Again, super neat and hygienic.


The S Hotel is incredibly safe for young female travelers as the management has low tolerance for any kind of disorderly conduct or inebriated behavior. It is common in many other hotels to see male guests soliciting young women. I myself have been approached in the past and it can feel extremely uncomfortable and humiliating. After all, why pay for a hotel if I cannot feel safe? But the S Hotel takes safety of women very seriously and has a direct approach to dealing with men who cross the line, even asking them to leave the hotel premises. So big thumbs up here.


One of the greatest perks of the S Hotel in my eyes is that it is literally 1 min away from the Al Barsha City Centre. Like you can literally walk over there. And the City Centre pretty much has everything, from a pharmacy, flower store and food outlets, to a dollar store, perfumes and Carrefour. Anything is at your doorstep and this makes the S Hotel a great choice for long stay.

The S Hotel also offers a complimentary shuttle service to the three major shopping and tourist hubs in New Dubai: Dubai Hills, Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Mall.


One of the biggest perks of the S Hotel is its ample parking space. This is a HUGE plus in a densely populated city like Dubai, where people often opt for taxis rather than face parking nightmares. 

The S Hotel has two parking areas. One is the basement parking, which can only be accessed through key card. The other is an open sandy ground, on the side of the hotel. Either one works, though the open yard can cause your vehicle to heat up during the summers.


Compared to most hotel food, I was actually surprised at the quality and pricing at the S Hotel. FYI, in-room dining is MUCH cheaper than dining in-person, whether at the restaurants on the 1st floor or at Joga on the ground floor. To be honest, I would do in-room most of the time and visit Joga sparingly. Never ever visited the dining options on the first floor.

To give you an idea of the pricing, here is an example:

  • Mexican Bowl (Joga): AED 48
  • Paneer Butter Masala served rice/ parathas (in-room): AED 32

Additionally, with the exception of McDonald’s, dining in-room at the S Hotel is much cheaper in terms of price and portion size than eating out at the City Centre. An example is a standard Penne Arrabiata:

  • Shakespeare and Co.: AED 52
  • S Hotel: AED 32

Of course, you can always find cheaper options and order delivery from many of the restaurants and food outlets throughout Dubai. But I just wanted to give you a comparison in dining prices in Dubai Science Park itself.


I have always believed that while constructive criticism is important for progress, it is equally if not more effective to applaud those who go out and beyond the regular call of duty. Through my personal interactions and general observations, the following are individuals who stood out in their service during my stay at the S Hotel:

Mr. Magday: While I only had two encounters with Mr. Magday, he was not only able to resolve my issue professionally, but also with clarity and genuine concern. It is a welcome break from the sterile attitude one encounters with senior management that is devoid of any human emotion. Mr. Mayday’s personable approach to his guests is refreshing, a quality that he emphasizes and filters down to his employees and staff.

Yahya: The man of the hour. One can always count on Yahya to rise up in any situation and spring into action. Most people crack under stress, lose their temper or hit the panic button. But Yahya’s level-headedness and cool demeanor is why his decisions are always spot-on even under immense pressure. Having worked in some of society’s most high-risk and tough workplaces myself, I can say without a doubt that Yahya’s skills at conflict resolution and stress management is highly commendable.

Ali: The walking encyclopedia, Ali has an extensive knowledge about the inner workings of Dubai. From rental cars and per-minute waiting rates of cabs to monthly residential and family-owned rentals, I learnt a lot from Ali. And I am sure other clients would greatly benefit from his guide to living in Dubai. Since Dubai is a prime destination for investors, real estate moguls and business magnets, a person as smart as Ali is invaluable to any establishment he works for.

Mustafa: The one thing that really stood out about Mustafa is his personality. He has a way of making his presence felt, through his command in speech and calm composure. I observed his diction in both English and Arabic, when he would assist me in pronouncing Arabic conversational phrases and Islamic verses. He has also started learning Hindi to increase his linguistic skills, which makes him a great asset to the hospitality industry when working with clients from the South Asian subcontinent. 

Faheim: Always bubbling with enthusiasm and an eagerness to assist, Faheim is a source of positivity. Even if its been a rough day, Faheim’s chirpy attitude, reassuring words and big smile are enough to drive away all of one’s worries. It is a rare quality to project empathy and warmth, as well as maintain professional boundaries. And Faheim does an excellent job balancing both.

Deepak & Phabindra: My stay at the S Hotel would not have been complete without these two housekeeping staff members. Quiet and polite by nature, yet so thorough and meticulous in their work. They wouldn’t miss a single detail. They made the suite so comfortable and such a joy to stay in. Given that I work remotely, I spend a lot of time on the laptop. So a peaceful, tidy and refreshing environment makes a difference. 

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