About Me

Why the name “Musaafir”? And what exactly is “Bedouin”? These are two questions that I am commonly asked.

The word “Musaafir” literally means “traveler” in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Farsi (Persian). And I thought this word perfectly encapsulated my life, not just in terms of physical travels, but also my exploration of the self. My spiritual, emotional and intellectual travels. These travels are often ignored, but hold incredible value to one’s life. All these dimensions of travel are interlinked as can be demonstrated by many a traveler’s personal story. As they do mine.

Bedouins or “desert dwellers” are the nomadic people of the Arabian Peninsula. Since the vast majority of my life has been spent between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, the local people hold a special place in my heart. As do their traditions, cultural practices, warm hospitality and Bedouin heritage. That is why I picked this name to reflect my bond and years of residence in the Arabian Peninsula.

My name is Nritya, and I have traveled to more than 21 countries. I have lived for a number of years in India, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. Yes, that also means I know my decent share of languages: I am bilingual in English and Hindi, conversationally fluent in Tamil, dabbled in Russian, and currently studying Arabic.

And while I love learning about other cultures, their customs, languages, and history, my absolute favorite part of exploration is trying different food!!! I am a cookaholic, always pouring over new ideas, and entertaining people to my plant-based home cooking. I grew up a vegetarian, but started taking an interest in veganism after learning about the practices of the dairy industry during my postgraduate studies in New York. As my lactose-intolerance grew, I started to avoid milk. But when I realized that it was related to my PCOS, I switched over to a completely vegan diet in 2020. Not only does my gastrointestinal system feel so much relieved and lighter, my home smells of amazing cruelty free and vegan food!

I believe life is beautiful when you open all your senses to discover the world around you and watch your soul grow wiser everyday. What about you?

Update December 2018:

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