Vegan Cooking

Vegetarian Cooking

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Vegan Cooking

Bhindi Fry | Vegan

A classic dish from the Punjab, Bhindi Fry is an excellent side dish with rice or rotis.

• Aloo Gajar Matar ki Sabzi | Vegan

Another dish from the Punjab, Aloo Gajar Matar ki Sabzi is great with rotis, parathas as well as rice and dal.

Cabbage Poriyal | Vegan & Sattvic

Popular in South Indian homes, the Cabbage Poriyal is packed with simple deliciousness.

Coriander Chutney | Vegan & Sattvic

No Indian street food is complete without the humble Coriander Chutney.

Guacamole | Vegan & Sattvic

A simple twist from the traditional guacamole recipe.

Angara Podi | Vegan & Sattvic

Angara Podi is South India’s famous natural antidote for stomach ailments.

Didir Dosa | Vegan & Sattvic

Rarely served in Indian restaurants, Didir Dosa is another classic from my Amma’s treasure chest of old recipes.

Rava Upma | Vegan & Sattvic

Often considered a healthy breakfast or tiffin meal, Rava Upma is a favorite among South Indians including myself.

Pak Choi Soup | Vegan & Sattvic

A bowl of hot Pak Choi Soup is the perfect way to warm up on cold winter evenings.

Gajar Matar ki Sabzi | Vegan & Sattvic

My Gajar Matar ki Sabzi has one secret ingredient. Do you want to know what it is?

Baingan Tamatar Sabzi | Vegan & Sattvic

Looking for a novel way to cook eggplants? Try out this recipe for Baingan Tamatar Sabzi.

Dosa Aloo | Vegan & Sattvic

How to recreate Dosa Aloo, the famous potato stuffing inside South India’s popular Masala Dosa.

Kathrikkai Sadam | Vegan & Sattvic

Kathrikkai Sadam, also called ” Vangi Bath”, is a popular rice dish from Karnataka.

Vegetarian Cooking

Peanut Raita | Vegetarian & Sattvic

Peanut Raita is a yoghurt-based dip from North India, that is often prepared with Sabudana Khichdi.

Spicy Vegetable Curry | Vegetarian & Sattvic

Quarantine means that I get to spend more time cooking fresh and nutrient-packed meals. This spicy vegetable curry is one of my kitchen creations.

Kadai Paneer | Vegetarian

Discover why Kadai Paneer, one of India’s most popular paneer gravy dishes, is so hard to resist.

Palak Paneer | Vegetarian

The staple of dhabas in North India, Palak Paneer busts the myth that vegetarian food is boring.

Raita | Vegetarian & Sattvic

The ideal side dish for a hot summer day or lunch thali, raita is both simple and refreshing to eat.

Mixed Fruit Dessert | Vegetarian & Sattvic

This simple milk-based mixed fruit dessert is both refreshing and healthy.

Paneer Stir Fry Vegetable Gravy | Vegetarian & Sattvic

Paneer stir fry vegetable gravy is a North Indian inspired simple and quick recipe that comes packed with nutrients, colors and flavors.

Potato Raita | Vegetarian & Sattvic

This Potato Raita recipe comes with an extra spice!

Know Your Food

What is a Sattvic Diet?

Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles, a Sattvic Diet combines healthy eating with higher spiritual consciousness.

Common Spices of India

With a tantalizing mix of aromas, colors and flavors, spices are an integral part of Indian kitchens and recipes.

Indian Street Food | My Secret Vegetarian Cravings

My top Indian street foods from my many gastronomic adventures with vegetarian Indian cuisine. Enjoy!