My Dubai Guide is a humble effort on my part to give back to the city that has returned me my life. Dubai is one of the most happening cities in the world, and it is growing with exponential progress. With the Smart City Strategy, Dubai has taken modernity and efficiency to another level.

Yet, the majority of expatriates remain unaware of the diversity of services and applications provided by the Dubai Government. In the time I have lived here, I have discovered that there is a jarring communication gap between the expatriate population and the government.

It is my simple wish to address this gap by creating a knowledge portal, through which expatriates have better awareness of government programs, accessibility to different services, as well as security during their time in Dubai.

My Dubai Guide is meant to be a reference for individuals living or planning to migrate to the United Arab Emirates. The information provided on My Dubai Guide is gathered from credible sources, is duly referenced and credited to the concerned sources. At the same time, My Dubai Guide encourages individuals to examine other information avenues before making any crucial life decisions.

Note: My Dubai Guide section covers topics related to medical, legal and social services. For sightseeing ideas and things to do in Dubai and the UAE, please visit: