Dining in the United Arab Emirates

International Dining Experiences



The Cheesecake Factory | Mall of the Emirates

My favorite vegetarian appetizers, salads, entrees, and cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory.

California Pizza Kitchen | Al Barsha

What does the vegetarian order at the California Pizza Kitchen?


Soul Santé Cafe | Vegan & Ayurvedic

Soul Santé is a vegan eatery that uses ancient India’s Ayurvedic cooking and Sattvic diet to create holistic food packed with nutrients to nourish your body.

Turkish Tea & Where to Find It

For tea lovers across the world including Dubai, Turkish tea is particularly enticing for its sweet flavors.

Manara | A King’s Breakfast

Are you a big breakfast person? Check out this gorgeous assortment of jams and marmalades from Manara.

L’ETO | Counting the Memories

L’ETO is definitely a part of any good food guide. They really live up to their slogan, “Count the memories, not the calories.”

My Favorite Dessert Spots in Dubai

Whether it is to bring the perfect evening to a sweet end or craving for a quick something, there’s nothing quite like a favorite dessert.


Bakemart Gourmet | Umm Suqeim

What started out as a bakery has extended into a multi-branch fine dining experience. Today, Bakemart Gourmet is one of Dubai’s prime food spots.

Shakespeare and Co.

A fusion of Mediterranean, Italian and Cafe elements, Shakespeare and Co. is one of my top vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly foodspots in Dubai.

London Dairy Bistro

London Dairy has newly opened a bistro nearby and there are some delicious goodies to check out!

What’s Your Choice of Starter?

A starter is the best way to get those gastric juices flowing, chatty banter going and slowly but surely creating the right mood for the main course.


South Indian Thali | Saravana Bhavan

Are you hungry enough for a traditional South Indian thali?

India Palace | Ibn Battuta Dubai

Look out for the Banjara Paneer Kofta, a real show stopper at India Palace!

Asha’s | North Indian Cuisine

Named after legendary Indian singer, Asha Bhosle, Asha’s brings mouth watering dishes from Northern India.

Mini Tiffin | Aryaas Restaurant

Craving for a traditional South Indian tiffin? Look no further than Aryaas.

Puri Bhaji | Aryaas Restaurant

If you’re looking for something vegetarian, cheap and delicious, then Puri Bhaji is your answer.

South Indian Thali | Sangeetha Restaurant

Another delicious 100% vegetarian Indian thali for all you veggie lovers!

Govinda’s | The Higher Taste

Govinda’s chain of pure vegetarian restaurants serve delicious meals based on ancient India’s Sattvic cooking.


Carluccio’s | Dubai Mall

Experience the new Carluccio’s at the world’s largest mall. Yours truly, Dubai.

Zaatar w Zeit | Lebanese Cuisine

Zaatar w Zeit delivers authentic Lebanese flavors in a casual dining atmosphere.

Al Halabi | Taste of Lebanon

Afternoon tea or Saturday lunch, Chef Edward’s culinary delights always has me going back for more at Al Halabi.


Cañadú | Restaurante Vegetariano Malaga

Located in Plaza de la Merced, Cañadú serves up unique and nutrient-rich vegetarian and vegan foods.

Kamana Kitchen | Indian Food in Hawaii

Hot, spicy Indian food with fresh ingredients. That’s what Kamana Kitchen is all about.

Masala | Indisches Restaurant Berlin

If you are in Berlin and are looking for some authentic and delicious Indian food, you must visit Masala.

Noi Thai Cuisine | Honolulu, Hawaii

Noi Thai Cuisine is one of Honolulu’s choicest dining picks for a romantic evening out.

Peekaboo Canyon Wood Fired Kitchen

Located near Zion National Park, Peekaboo in Kanab serves hot and delicious grub to hungry road trippers.  

Starbucks in Germany | So Much Better than America

In contrast to their American counterparts, Starbucks in Germany offer far more delicious choices for vegans and vegetarians.

Syriana Cafe & Gallery | Elicott City

At Syriana Cafe & Gallery, discover delicious traditional family recipes and stunning ancestral crafts from Damascus.