Social Services System in the UAE

Ranked among the top ten richest countries of the world, the United Arab Emirates has one of the largest economies in the Arab region. And while this wealth has given rise to luxury brands and seven-star hotels, the UAE government wanted to emphasize that with great power comes great responsibility.

The culture of volunteering has gained momentum in the last decade, with various governmental bodies actively promoting community involvement in building a better society. Today, there are many public and private organizations that operate round-the-clock to deliver social services on a local, national and international level.

The UAE encourages citizens and residents to dedicate their time toward volunteering. However, make sure that the organization or program you are volunteering with is legally registered with the Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA). Do not donate to or volunteer with dubious individuals/organizations that collect money in the name of charity. Not only could it be a scam, but it is also against the law to do so.

The Dubai Volunteering Law of 2018 clearly states:

“No volunteering organisation or volunteers may carry out any volunteer activity or allow any volunteer activity to be carried out without obtaining a permit from the CDA.” (Article 6)

“All volunteers must be registered with the CDA to practice voluntary activity.” (Article 14)

In addition, residents and citizens can avail of special programs launched by the UAE government. They address crucial issues like:

  • Unemployment and Work Training
  • Limited Mobility
  • Financial Aid
  • Education and Student Support
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Child Protection

These government initiatives cater to vulnerable populations such as the ageing, people of determination and low-income families. Most of these services are available on mobile smart platforms in line with Smart Dubai’s vision.

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