23 Dubai Laws You Should Know

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Moving to another country is a daunting challenge in itself, without the added pressure of understanding a foreign culture and its laws. However, Dubai is a modern and cosmopolitan city which makes relocating here less of a hassle compared to other places. Over 200 nationalities reside in the United…

Falconry in the UAE

Known as Al Saqarah in Arabic, Falconry was practised for 4,000 years in the Arabian Peninsula, including by the Bedouins of the UAE.

Al Halabi | Taste of Lebanon

Afternoon tea or Saturday lunch, Chef Edward’s culinary delights always has me going back for more at Al Halabi.

Soul Santé Cafe | Vegan & Ayurvedic

Soul Santé is a vegan eatery that uses ancient India’s Ayurvedic cooking and Sattvic diet to create holistic food packed with nutrients to nourish your body.